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7 things to see on a city break to Paris

7 things to see on a city break to Paris

Are you thinking of booking your next city break? Although there’s a lot to pack in, Paris is the perfect weekend destination.

Let me tell you why.

Paris is less than two hours away from most UK airports and you can usually find low cost flights if you book in advance. I stayed in a budget hotel during my trip, but there are plenty of nice airbnb’s and hotels available if you want somewhere fancier.

Paris is really simple to get around using the trains and metros. I purchased a 10-day ticket for the metro (which actually came as 10 tiny tickets) which was a great option for multiple trips and only cost 14.50 euros.

You can also catch a ride on one of the river boats, perfect if the weather is warm. The ‘Batobus’ is a shuttle boat service that travels on the river Seine to attractions including Notre dame, The Louvre, Champs Elysee and more. The boat was 19 euros for two days of unlimited travel, which is very reasonable considering how far it goes..

7 things to see on a city break to Paris 

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Eiffel Tower

What’s the first thing you think of when you imagine Paris? The Eiffel Tower! The famous landmark was named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who built it. It was constructed as the entrance to the 1889 world’s fair to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution, but became an iconic landmark and stayed.

The tower is SO much bigger than you expect and can be seen from almost anywhere in Paris. It looks amazing in the day and even better when it’s lit up at night.

Jardin des Plantes

This is a huge botanical garden by the river. On a summer’s evening, groups of people gather to dance to music. Grab a drink and join them.

Top tip: the men selling cheap beers by the river are selling them for 1 euro for a reason, because they are watered down beers! I learnt this the hard way, but still had a good time.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a breathtaking medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. The cathedral lies within a square, which is very busy with performers and tourists. The inside of Notre Fame is beautiful, but the queue to get in is very long.


Champs Elyse & The Arc de Triomphe

The Champs Elyse is a huge avenue which is famous for its theatres, cafés, luxury shops, and is also the finish of the Tour de France cycle race. The Arc de Triomphe, a monument which honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, sits next to the avenue.

As you can see from the photo, it’s very busy with traffic.

Sacre Couer

Sacre Couer


The Sacré-Cœur, also called the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It’s located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city, and offers amazing views of Paris. It was one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen.

The Lourve

The Louvre

The Louvre is a very famous museum and art gallery, housing all kinds of modern and classic art and treasures from around the world. It’s a beautiful building on its own, crafted from translucent glass that projects different colours as it sparkles in the sun.

Do you have Lorde in your head now? I did the entire time I was near the Louvre ‘But we’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre. Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre’ (it’s a great song, I wasn’t complaining!)

Moulin rouge

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Moulin Rouge, which is a musical dance theater and tourist attraction. The original building burnt down in 1915 but the interior consists lots of the original décor.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw it, as it’s much smaller in real life, but that could have been because it was during the day.

Paris was an amazing city and I would love to go back and spend more time getting to know its beautiful streets and culture. As it’s just an hour’s flight away from Manchester, hopefully I’ll return soon.

Have you been to Paris? What were your favourite spots?

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