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Lake District: Alpacaly Ever After

Lake District: Alpacaly Ever After

Alpacaly Ever After

Where to find alpacas in the Lake District 

Did you know you can feed, walk and learn about alpacas in the Lake District?

I stumbled across Alpacaly Ever After (isn’t that the best name ever?!) while looking for things to do in the lakes that don’t involve eating fudge and mint cake. 

You’ll find Alpacaly Ever After in Cockermouth, in the same place as the Lakes Gin Distillery, (although the alcohol has nothing to do with the alpacas).

We’d booked a slot to ‘meet the alpacas’ which I imagined would consist of a petting zoo where you can stroke them over a fence, but as we approached the field it was obvious it would be more of a hands-on experience.

We climbed into the field, and were greeted by around 15 friendly-looking alpacas and the lady who looks after them (let’s call her Allie for the purpose of this blog). 

Allie informed us that the group of alpacas were female, aged between 2 and 20 years old, and very sociable, if a little bit food motivated: but c’mon who isn’t?  The alpacas were more than happy to graze from our palms, so we grabbed handfuls of their food and fed away. 

Alpacaly Ever After

Look after your alpaca

Allied explained that many of the ladies in the field, also called hembras, were rescue alpacas. Most people buy them as pets without researching their breed and aren’t aware that the animals live for around 25 years. They don’t take care of them properly and the alpacas end up being taken in to rescue centres like this.

I won’t tell you all of the facts, in case you want to visit yourself, but I can say I have a new found love for alpacas; my favourite was little Ruby who was 2 years old (she’s in the red coat). Baby alpacas are also called crias. 

Alpacaly Ever After


If you’re ever in the Lake District I would highly recommend visiting Alpacaly Ever After, it cost £9 per adult to spend 30 minutes feeding, interacting, and learning about these fluffy animals. If you go, I guarantee you’ll bring up alpacas for the next six months to anyone who will listen!

Did you know alpacas lived so long?!

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