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Beach Holidays vs City Breaks

Beach Holidays vs City Breaks

I recently visited Thessaloniki in Greece so I could bathe in glorious sunshine for a week.

The weather had a different idea.

It rained 4 out of 7 days.

A spot of rain is unusual for Greece in June, let alone a 4 day shower that was verging on torrential. Not quite what I was expecting when I packed sandals, bikinis and sundresses. The situation was intensified by the fact the UK was blessed with a freak heatwave at the same time.

As much as I enjoy a beach holiday, I usually opt for city breaks, but I never return feeling rested. If anything, I need another holiday to recover from the hectic first one. That’s the reason why I booked a beach holiday this year, so I could chill.

But the bad weather got me thinking, which is better, beach holidays or city breaks?

beach holiday in mexico

The case for beach holidays

All inclusive, half board or self-catering beach holidays for one or two weeks.

You can relax and get away from the daily grind

Lying on a beach, or by the pool, all day helps to recharge your mind.  You aren’t bothered with mundane things like travel, cooking, or wearing appropriate clothes. In fact, your biggest worry is whether you need to put a top on over your bikini when you go to lunch, or whether you’ve got enough sun cream on.

They’re great for families

If you’ve got little ones staying in a family friendly resort is perfect. You know they’ll be safe if they wander off and there are usually other children around to make friends with or kids clubs to entertain them. Plus, there are also loads of parents to keep an extra look out too!

Hamburg city break

The case for city breaks

Exploring a new place, or city, in a couple of days and packing in as much as possible.

Soak up the culture

When your time isn’t dedicated to worshipping the sun, you can explore more of a place. Visit museums, art galleries, parks, and monuments. Dine in restaurants and experience the nightlife like a local would.

Visit unusual destinations

You can usually get cheap flights to locations that aren’t high-demand beach resorts. Why not take a lucky dip and try somewhere new and interesting?

Easier to fit in to busy lives

Taking  2 days off work is much easier to do compared to taking a full week. Citybreaks are popular for time poor people who want to explore the world whenever they get the chance.

There’s always something to do

City breaks don’t rely on good weather because there’s so much to do. Sure good weather is always welcomed, but if it rains it doesn’t matter as much as if you were lying on a beach.

Why can’t you have both?

Barcelona is the perfect example of a mix of city break and beach holiday. You can explore the vibrant culture, historical sights, and relax on the beach or by a rooftop pool.

Beach or city – what do you think?

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