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Your ultimate guide to ‘Mexican’ eats in Manchester

Your ultimate guide to ‘Mexican’ eats in Manchester

Mexican food is seriously underrated. Why would you choose boring old pasta when you can have mouthfuls of flavour in every bite, with lashings of cheese and guacamole?


Mex and Tex Mex dining is the perfect food for every occasion. Feeling excited? Eat some tacos! Feeling sad? Stuff your face with cheese! See it works both ways. Plus it’s a fun and easy cuisine to enjoy when you’re in a big group, or out with friends and family.


Manchester’s Mexican food scene is growing and there are new restaurants and eateries popping up all the time. Which is great news for Mexican food lovers like me.


So in this post I want to shout out some of my favourites and introduce you some of Manchester’s best Mexican restaurants and casual dining spots.




Let’s start from the top with my favourite place, Wahaca.


It was founded by the first female MasterChef winner, Thomasina Miers, and is located in the Corn Exchange close to Manchester Arena and Victoria train station.


Wahaca specialise in small plates; in fact I would describe it as Mexican tapas. Think pork pibil tacos, cheese and black bean quesadillas and chorizo empanadas. You can choose a selection of small plates from the menu (around 6 between 2 people) and share, or eat them all to yourself. New dishes are added to the menu all the time and they always have good specials.


Trust me the small plates will fill you up, but if you do fancy something all to yourself, they also do big plates – like enchiladas – and they have delicious salads (the bowl is a giant deep fried crisp, so it’s a yes from me).


Once you’ve finished, you HAVE to get the churros with chocolate or caramel dipping sauce. They changed my life.



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Lust luck liquor and burn

Bringing Californian-Mexican inspired food to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the gang at Lust Liquor and Burn know how to make good food. The quirky restaurant, located above a cocktail bar, serves enchiladas, tacos, burritos and burgers with a naughty twist, accompanied by a selection of mouth watering sides, like bacon cheeseburger fries. Be warned, this is not the place to dine if you’re watching your cholesterol, or are only after something light, you will be stuffed (but happy).


El Capo

This is more of a bar than a restaurant but they do also serve nice food. El Capo have amazing taco deals on a (wait for it…) Tuesday! Plus a variety of tequilas, they even have the one with the worm in it! The decor is very quirky, but as it’s small it does get very busy in the evenings when they have a DJ on and people are dancing.



Ok Chilango is more of a fast-food place than a restaurant but I thought it was worth including because it really is tasty and good value for money. It’s spacious and a great lunch spot on Oxford Road, which is in the city centre.


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Panchos Burritos

This is probably the most authentic Mexican restaurant in this whole list. Chef Enrique Martinez and his Mancunian wife Colette started Panchos Burritos with a burrito stall they took to festivals before opening up two small stalls in Manchester Arndale market. This is their first stand alone restaurant on Chester Street, off Oxford Road. As you can guess, burritos are the specialty, but it also serves up favourites such as tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, flautas, enchiladas and chilli.



Another fast casual chain, but I wanted to mention Barburrito because I didn’t know it was originally founded in Manchester – and I think that’s pretty cool! It’s been 10 years since the first Barburrito opened in Piccadilly Gardens and it now has restaurants in Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham and London. It’s not surprising that it’s taking over the UK, it’s fast, tasty and filling and one of my favourite lunch spots when I’m in Piccadilly.


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I hope you enjoyed my Mexican roundup! Have you been to any of these restaurants?

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